Experience, live and experience the luxury of lush landscapes, the joy of colourful gardens, the sound of silence, the life of fresh water springs, the drawings of the birds flying in the relaxing blue sky, a walk in the shade of kiwis animated by crickets and frogs, a moonlight that makes you dream.

The Fox House is a unique experience that awakens the senses and provides a balance between nature and well-being, resulting in moments of relaxation and tranquillity, or a wonderful joy to be in peace and harmony.



Feel at home is the motto of The Fox House, So we value exclusivity and comfort as key posts to inspire you to enjoy your stay freely in a space that is yours alone.

The details, the decoration, the spaces and the surroundings, the facilities, created with you in mind, make your stay an exclusive experience where obviously you do not miss a warm reception and the availability of the hosts to be facilitators of all comfort and well-being .

This is your home in the country, come and discover it.


Hello good day! Breakfast is waiting for you. This phrase accompanied by a beautiful table, with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, crisp bread and fresh fruit enlivens the day and arouses smiles.
Smiles that repeat in the swimming pool between dives, or when you do not hit the mini-golf shot or when you play in the swing.

This positive energy accompanies the barbeque for lunch at the pergola, where the unique landscape and the blue sky prevail, but also in the exquisite dinner of traditional gastronomy and elegant wines, next to the heat of the fireplace.

After reading a book and with the arrival of those who went walking or cycling in the mountains, we hear a sunset that anticipates an inspiring night and starry sky.
Night where the conversations flow between the challenge for a karaoke or checkers game.

The Fox House, where moments create memorable stories.

Experience, live and feel at home

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