Have a good time

Have fun creating fantastic moments at The Fox House, soak in the pool with panoramic views, play an 18-hole miniature golf or use the swing set in the amusement park, always surrounded by fantastic gardens.

Enjoy all the comforts of home by listening to your favourite music or showing your singing skills in Karaoke in a fantastic sound system, jump off the couch for a match on the Nintendo Wii or open the game table and play a game of traditional games, Of those whom family and friends love.

To feel nature you can go by bike or walk along the rails of The Fox House, past the ducks.
The continental breakfast and the landscape inspire you to cook in a creative and fun way and savour the delicious Portuguese gastronomy. As it's all there, venture out to create your dishes on the grill or the wood-fired oven.

Take the lemons and mint and make a fresh lemonade, put the ice on the bale if you serve the sparkling wine, open a red wine of Dão and enjoy the fireplace.

We toast to the joy with a Gin tonic at dusk.

Try it







Open the gates of The Fox House and experience the true thermalism in the spring of thermal water used since the 1st century, with mineral-medicinal healing properties. You can enjoy a therapeutic approach or relax and well-being in the modern bathhouses D. Afonso Henriques and Queen D. Amélia in the Baths of São Pedro do Sul 5 min from The Fox House.

But do not stop only by the thermal baths, get to know the region's heritage and take inspiration from nature by exploring the 7 pedestrian walks with various themes and capable of providing you with a unique cultural and biodiversity experience.

But to have an incredible story to tell, mix the pleasure of discovery with the adrenaline of the challenge and do Canyoning, Rafting, Stand Up Padle, Rapell, Trekking and Bikes in the rivers and mountains of the region with our partner, Nomads - Adventure Tourism .

Or of course, take a leap to Viseu and where a fantastic golf course awaits you.

Find it out

Discover the centrality of São Pedro do Sul during your stay at The Fox House, traveling from one hour to four cities representative of Portugal's identity.

Go to Aveiro and ride your Moliceiros boat, or go surfing on the beaches of Costa Nova or Barra.
Then make a leap to Viseu and get to know the wealth of his heritage or play a game of golf peacefully.
Get to know Coimbra with its secular university surrounded by the academic tradition.
Travel in the Douro, taste the famous Port wine and mix in the cosmopolitan and vibrant urban landscape of Porto.

At the end of the day review the pictures and reminisce about the moments while relaxing in the moonlight at The Fox House.

Discover the region of São Pedro do Sul and its heritage, where the Castros, Roman Pools, Convents, Palaces and Lands cross the Roman bridges, Chapels and Mother Church.

Visit the typical shale Villages, Aldeia da Pena, Fujaco, Covas do Monte and Covas do Rio and breathe the air of the Sierras de Arada, Gralheira and São Macário, where the Vouga, Sul and Paiva rivers flow, full of biodiversity .

Have fun at popular and traditional festivals, where themes range from religious devotion to local gastronomy, to artistic festivals and product fairs in the region.